Last evening my family and I attended calling hours and a memorial service for a dear friend of my wife’s family.  Throughout the service and on the ride home I had a recurring thought of the similarities between chronic illness and the passing of someone close in our lives.

There are millions of people who have been inflicted with chronic life time illnesses, just as there are millions who have had to deal with the loss of someone extremely close to them.  I unfortunately have personal experience with both of these situations.  Just over 11 years ago I lost my sister Stephanie to cancer,  and just over 2 years ago my wife lost her nephew Alex in a tragic hunting accident.  I have of course have been diagnosed with a chronic life time illness.

So the similarities are this;  when I lost my sister, my life before it had stopped and a new reality began that day.  A new life.  When I think back on my life now, I think of it as the life before my sister passed and the life after my sister passed.  Recently it has changed to my life before my diagnosis with OT and my life after my diagnosis.

So what’s the point?  The live of everybody change forever when tragedy strikes.  No matter what they tell you or how they look or how they act, they are different people now.  The lives they knew before are over and a new modified version now exists.  I can’t imagine that there is anyone you know that hasn’t had to deal with some sort of tragedy in their life.  Granted all being of different degrees of loss, hurt or pain.  So when you meet a stranger or a difficult customer or just a miserable person in general, stop and think about what their tragedy or loss may have been.  The one thing I have learned for sure in this life is that people deal with difficult situations in very different ways.  So if this world is really going to change it has to change one person, one interaction, one conversation at a time.

Have a great day and God bless.

Dedicated to the memory of Stephanie Pezzone Brady and Alexander Lutes.










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