I discussed previously that the “treatments” for OT were not fantastic.  They basically break down to 3 things: medication, exercise and having a positive environment.  So let’s talk a little about each one.

  1. Medication.  There is only 1 standard of care for OT and it’s success rate is somewhere between 20-30% and that would be Klonopin which falls into the benzodiazepine class of drugs like Ativan or Xanax.  There are some other meds they are trying like Lyrica or Neurontin which are used as nerve blockers or for seizures.  Very little success. So, medication not a great option.
  2. Exercise.  Now this has helped to some degree and ties in nicely with option number 3.  I see a physical therapist a least 2 to 3 times per week as well as working out on my own.  I was lucky to find the most positive PT staff at Lawrence County Physical Therapy Institute.  They have helped with vigorous exercise, adding strength for my balance.  This doesn’t help with the tremor, but has made me strong enough to bear the tremor so I can at least stand for a few minutes before having to find a seat.
  3. Positive environment.  To put things simply, when I’m stressed the tremors get worse.  When I’m in a good mood or around positive people or in a positive environment the tremors are not as bad.  My family and friends are the best source of positivity for me, but for someone who has pushed faith and spirituality aside, coming back to church, God and faith have also done wonders.  I know that is not for everyone, but it does bring peace to me.  Positive attitude has been medically proven to increase positive patient outcomes.  Go to Amazon and search for Self-help motivational books alone and you will get over 87,000 books written just on this alone.  Everybody is looking for the big picture happiness answers, but I’m here to tell you that is all comes from the inside out.  Nobody can put you in a bad mood if you don’t allow them.  It is a choice.

Many people have much bigger problems than mine, but we all share the same fear, and anxieties about our futures.  I choose to feel positive about my outcomes even though the immediate future will be a challenge.  I hope all of you, in whatever you are dealing with personally will choose the same.

As always have a great day and God Bless!






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