I’m sure that most you have already read or have seen the article in todays Post-Gazette front page of the business section relating to my condition.  I would post the link here but it’s all over Facebook today.  If you haven’t seen it go to their website and just type my name Matthew Pezzone into the search field and it will come right up.  The main reason I wrote to them was to get the word and some press out for Orthostatic Tremor.  They obviously did that, but he was also interested in the Giant Eagle and Liberty Mutual side.

Yes I’m out of work.  Yes I haven’t received any income in quite a while.  But, there are millions of people who are worse off then we.  I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes, I will take them by the basket full.  Now if this goes on for months and eventually goes through litigation, then that situation might change.

Please read the article, please continue to support this blog and I promise to fight the rest of my life to fight for this and any other debilitating disease and the people and the families that are changed forever.

As always,  Have a great day and God Bless!!!




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