We all know that physical activity can help us all, not just folks with OT.  The OT creates a greater difficulty with long-term exercise due the fact that we can’t stand still for very long.  But, what we can do is move and stay active.

I have said before that I am able to do physical therapy two to three times per week.  This has done wonders for my strength and stamina.  They are now including strategies to help improve my balance.  The difference that I feel is amazing, but this will not cure the tremors.  There is NO cure for OT.

When my doctor diagnosed me and we were discussing treatment options, physical therapy or exercise were brought up and he said “I love PT and exercise, it can only help.  But find something you enjoy doing because you may live to be 100 so you better like what you’re doing.”

I have found that walking is my favorite form of exercise, especially outdoors.  But, since we live in western Pennsylvania and only have two seasons, snow and rain, that has proven to be difficult.  So if I can’t walk, I choose to ride my stationary bike.  I try to exercise including PT at least six days a week.  Again it doesn’t improve my condition, but what it does do is improve my mind!!!

The positive effect on my mental status has improved so much, that I’m sort of an addict to working out now.  So get out there and start small.  The first time I tried walking my back hurt so much, I thought that this was worse than the tremors.  But, every day it got better and better.  So talk to your doctor and see what he recommends and get moving.  For the people who don’t have OT or a chronic illness, what’s your excuse?  Everyone can benefit from moving a lot more.

Thank you and as always have a great day and God bless!!!




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