A much overlooked factor in positive outcomes in any type of chronic illness is Help! from others.  Now whether that help is physical or emotional, it really doesn’t matter.  Don’t be stubborn, let your support system help you through hard times.  If you know someone who needs help and doesn’t have the support, offer to help.  The chances are they will really appreciate the help and you will feel great for helping them.

Positive attitudes include family and friends too.  Just because you are the one with OT or another illness, don’t forget your family and friends are going through it with you.  Remember tomorrow is never guaranteed so try to mend fences with old friends and family that you haven’t talked to or had an old beef with a thousand years ago.  Faith and love are amazing feelings that help all kinds of ailments.

So, call your mom or dad.  Call your grandma or grandpa.  Call and old friend and tell that you love them and miss having them in your life.  The more positive vibes you send out, the more you will receive!!!!

Have a great day and God Bless,





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