People keep telling what a positive attitude and positive message that I am sending out.  Well it wasn’t always this way.  When received my diagnosis with OT in September 2016, I was hitting new lows every day.  Didn’t want to leave the house, didn’t want to get off the couch and even backed away from my family and friends.  In short I was pissed off!!!

So what changed?  Well it was my family at first telling me we still need you to be a father, husband, and son.  They got me to talk to my doctor about exercise.  But, I think without my renewed faith in God and Jesus, none of the prior would have held.  I started by reading daily devotionals, then moved into the Bible and then finally after twenty-four years, I had confession with my all time favorite priest Father Downs. I started going back to church and started rejoining my life again.

Now, by no means am I pusher of faith on others.  I believe faith, not religion, is very personal choice.  Which leads me to the positive person I am today.  Do I have bad days and get angry at God at everything at everyone?  Absolutely!  But the positive attitude always returns quickly.  I’ve said before that long-term illness puts your through the same grieving processes as losing a loved one, or loss in general.  But I truly believe with positive vibes that anything is possible, no matter how dark the hole seems.

Next blog I will try to focus on how my family deals with my diagnosis.  Please keep the comments coming!!!

Have a great day and God Bless!!






2 thoughts on “Attitude at diagnosis vs. now

  1. I am sooo glad to hear about your renewed faith with the church. Father Downs baptised my children many years ago. We have always loved him! I wanted to tell you that my granddaughter also had a blog four years ago when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She is now 13 and is very mature and strong dealing with her illness. I pray for a cure for her and also for you, Matt.

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