Change is a funny animal.  Most people fear it, some embrace it and others could care less.  The change from working 42 plus hours every week to being at home a lot more and having time for myself has made me realize what I miss the most about a being community pharmacist.

I miss the people.  I miss my coworkers, the daily activity, and most of all I miss my patients or customers whatever you prefer.  After being at the same location for 17 years, the “customer” becomes a deep part of your life.  There was and is no more satisfaction professionally to me than to see a patient come to your window, who you know is sick, hurting, or otherwise, smile when they look up and see that you (I) am there to help them.  I know a lot of pharmacist feel this way, but to me it was one of my great joys everyday to have interaction with these people, who didn’t have to, but always shared a glimpse of their lives to me everyday.  There is no greater satisfaction professionally in my opinion than the connection you make with people every day.  But, for now that’s gone and has left a hole in my heart that I hope to fill again if not soon, then someday.

Thanks for reading, have a great day as always and God bless,




2 thoughts on “Change

  1. I miss seeing your smiling face at the pharmacy. You were always there to answer any questions that I may have had! I hope you can return to being a pharmacist again. Good luck and God Bless! I also miss a lot of my customers. But my retirement was a choice that I made, unlike your unfortunate circumstances. I pray that a solution will be there for you very soon. ❤️

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