I know that I have mentioned that I have returned to my faith in God, Jesus and the Catholic Church.  By no means will this ever be a blog that pushes organized religion or spirituality on anyone.  I believe that is still a very private and personal subject.

You may or may not know that yesterday started the season of Lent in the Catholic church called Ash Wednesday.  As I was sitting in mass, my mind drifted a bit at one point started to think of all the things that people tend to give up during Lent, a common tradition.  As the day went on I thought about some more and decided to go about things in a different way.

Instead of giving something up, why not start a new positive habit of spreading the word about OT and spreading more kindness in my life.  I have received so many positive messages throughout the world due to this blog and social media, from all across the United States to far off places like China, Singapore and Australia.  Also, a great many from Canada and the UK.

So instead of giving something up this season of Lent,  why don’t we gain something by telling one person about OT, or refer them to this blog.  Or, more in general take the time to smile and say hello to a stranger walking by, or open a door for someone.  You know the old saying “that the journey of 10,000  (or however many) miles starts with a single step”.  I plan on renewing that journey today.  Give me your thoughts on what you or I should do, not only during this season of Lent, but for everyday to make our world just a little bit more positive.

Thank you all again for all the tremendous support.  As always have a spectacular day and God bless.




2 thoughts on “Getting the word out

  1. I agree with your idea. I, too, have just recently started going to mass again after being away from the Catholic church for quite a while. I have been praying to have more patience and more compassion for people. Showing kindness to everyone, even those that haven’t been that kind to me. We don’t know what battles people are struggling with everyday. So lending an ear and doing a kind deed can make a big difference in someone’s life. God Bless you. ❤️

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