Everybody has bad days, bad weeks, bad years.  People without a chronic illness have them for different reasons.  People with chronic illness have the same issues that those that don’t have, but also the extra burden of the illness, whatever it may be.  Now, I have said that I would remain positive and hopeful throughout this process and for the rest of my life.  But, we all know that everyday is not filled with sunshine and rainbows.

With OT, I can tell within 5 minutes of waking pretty much how my day will go as far as the tremors and or balance.  Some days the tremors are immediate and some days they take a few minutes to really get going.  As I have stated many times, there is no cure or great treatment for OT.  When I take my meds and do my workouts, some days the tremors are worse than the day or week before.  No one knows why and that’s why we need more research and more education on this rare disease.

So, what do I do when I know I may have a bad day?  Most days, I do the same I did the day before, I live my life.  I try to tackle that day’s challenges and get through them no matter how bad the tremors are that day.  Do I do this perfectly every day?  Absolutely not!!  I’m nowhere near perfect and make the same mistakes that all men do.  I get short-tempered, I have selective hearing, I get that look that every husband or father gets from their wife or kids…..You know that “what the heck are you doing?” look.

But, you and I have the choice everyday how to respond to these “off” days.  We can either bury our head in the sand or muddle through the mud to make it as good of a day, week or year that is possible.  Sometimes it’s extremely difficult, but from my perspective, it’s all worth it!

Have a great (if not an OK day) and God bless,




2 thoughts on “Bad days, Bad weeks

  1. Your post today has helped me out more than you can imagine. Dealing with my mother’s dementia, Lori’s wedding coming up and a host of other problems…you gave me some order to put to use for today. Thank you. Much love and hugs to Scooter!❤❤❤

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