Do you remember the book “Don’t sweat the small stuff”?  I never remember a follow-up about what to do about the Big stuff.  I’ll admit the last few days have been weighing heavily upon me.  Dealing with the symptoms of the OT, the burdens of everyday life, the lawyers, the paperwork, the company that runs ads about being a family and has left me out to dry, the insurance companies who also run ads that claim that they will be there when you need them, unless you actually have a claim.  I’m human, it gets to me.  But I must push through and continue and carry on.

How?  Family, friends, faith and support from this blog.  When I’m surfing the net searching for the miracle cure for me that isn’t there, I think about a family member who is battling cancer.  When I’m alone and let my feel sorry for myself, I pray for strength to just get through this day, that better days will follow.  I exercise, the best that I can and sweat out all the negativity.  I write or think of ideas or topics for this blog.

Why?  Because there is no way I am ever going to stop fighting no matter how hard it gets.  No matter how bad the symptoms get.  No matter how long the lawyers and insurance companies try stall and stall.  I won’t quit because of my family that needs me, my friends who are fantastic and lift my spirits, this blog with all the support my family and I have received.  Because my God will not let me quit, because I believe that he has a bigger purpose in this life for me.  Bigger than being the community pharmacist, bigger than big business and insurance claims.  These things are reality of life, but I will prevail wherever this fight leads me, because I will never, ever give up!!!!

Thank you for kinds words and support.  Please remember to share this blog, have a great evening and hug the people you love.  As always God bless!!




4 thoughts on “Stress!!!

  1. This brought tears to my eyes! You inspire everyone with your perseverance and faith! Keep going and never give up. Praying for you every day.

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