As I reflect on Easter and what it means to me now as opposed to just a year ago, they difference is quite substantial.  For my kids and when I was in primary and secondary school, it meant time off and the Easter Bunny.  At Pitt, they gave us no time off and I swear we had exams every Good Friday and it ticked me off, even though I rarely stepped foot in a church.  When I started working, it meant there was a good chance I was going to work Easter Sunday, because God forbid somebody couldn’t pick up their refill of a script that was called in 8 days previously.  My former employer didn’t even consider it a paid Holiday.

In the last 10 months or so, as I have renewed my faith in Catholicism, I now think of hope, of new beginnings, as second, third or however many chances you may need.  Even if you’re a non believer, the thought of a father sacrificing his own son to save the world is way to much for me to wrap my head around.  Who but God could do that?

I can think of no better time to renew your faith in God, your family, your friends, or in yourself, than at this time of the year.  Sacrifice, just think of what people sacrifice every day all over the world for they what believe in or something or someone they love.

Daily reflection has become a big coping mechanism for me as I face this illness.  Sacrifice, is a monstrous concept to really understand.  What would you sacrifice to save something or someone you love?

Thank you reading.  Please share.  Have a glorious Easter celebration and as always, God bless.



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