First a quick update on the ketogenic diet I’ve started almost 2 weeks ago.  Good things, I get to eat all the bacon, salami, and pepperoni that I want.  I’ve also lost just about 9-10 pounds in less than two weeks.  Now I still exercise or workout just about every day, but the diet has definitely jump started my metabolism.  The first week was terrible.  They call it the “keto flu” and it’s for real.  After about 6 days, I felt good and full of energy on about 2200 calories per day.  Bad things, besides no pizza or pasta or halo oranges are that I have not noticed a difference in the tremors.  But, as I said not quite 2 weeks, and we will keep at it.


Most of my life I have been a fan of classic rock.  Of course I grew up in the time when rap music and Gun N’ Roses were the at the top of the charts.  I still listen to Guns, thank goodness the rap didn’t stick.  Lately, I have been listening to more and more country music.  I have to admit, I’m a fan.  I do like the artist who were most popular 10-15 years ago, most notably Alan Jackson.  The song he wrote after 9/11 was playing recently and one of the phrases that he repeats is “faith, hope and love are great things he (God) gave us, but the greatest is love”.

It made me look back at some of my older post where I try to talk about what is now important to me.  But, these three words couldn’t sum them up any better.  So what do they mean to me?

Faith:  Obviously I have spoken at length about my renewed faith and studying of the bible, Jesus and the spiritual world.  Now, I will never push my faith on someone else, but being a true believer, I am compelled to do it.  Jesus was not only a real historical entity, but I also believe he died on that cross to save the rest of the world.  If you can’t get your head wrapped around that fact, then just read his words in the Gospels.  Complete kindness, faith that was never in doubt, and unconditional love for even the most retched people on the planet.  I can’t fathom the peace he must have had in his heart. Not a bad way to live.  Anyway, his teaching and others have definitely benefited me through my battle with OT.

Hope:  This is a tricky one.  Ever hear the saying “don’t get your hopes up”?  That was me up until a few months ago.  If it wasn’t for hope, I would have no reason to take the time to write this blog, go to physical therapy, keep all my many doctor and therapy appointments, or even take the medication prescribed to help.  With my disease, hope is all I have.  Hope that more awareness is made, hope that some brilliant doctor or researcher will make a breakthrough.  For me, without hope, there is no life.  Hope is a powerful motivator!

Love:  Now some you may be thinking well this is the easiest to explain.  Is it? Really?  Define to me what love is to you.  Your family, your job, your friends, your hobbies an ice-cold beer?  These are all things that we call love or that we claim to love.  All of these could be love or at least part of the definition of love.  Love to me is;  that feeling that you get when you’re in a room full of people or by yourself with your own thoughts, that brings up that emotion of extreme happiness that almost or does fill your eyes with tears.  I’m sure everyone has experienced that feeling.  It’s the closest thing I’ve ever felt to total peace of mind.  If you haven’t had a moment like that, than your either a robot or a liar.  At that point in time nothing else matters, you are truly living in the present.  No worries of what bad thing happened to you yesterday or what is worrying you about the future.  To me, that is my definition of love.

So, these three little words are basically what I try to center myself towards each and every morning.  Do I always get there, heck no.  But it will never stop me from trying.

Thank you for reading.  Please share my post and my story, have an incredible weekend,  if you live close to me, enjoy the rain.  As always God bless!!




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