Keto diet update: 3 weeks in 13 lbs down.  Too soon to tell added effects.

Everyone on this planet has constant daily challenges or struggles.   I don’t care if you are totally broke and alone or if you have more money than you could ever spend and are constantly surrounded by “friends”.  These struggles could be mental, fiscal, or physical.  A lot of these challenges end in disappointed, some end in great achievement, or some just continue and linger.  People with mental or physical disability, which I certainly would place OT in there, have these daily struggles also on top of dealing with added difficulty or stressors.

Does this make us want your pity or special attention?  In severe cases yes.  People with severe Physical and Mental disability are owed special treatment and should not be outcasts from society.  They have been through more than most will have to deal with in 1000 lifetimes.  For the rest of “us”, no. We just want a chance to live our lives, support ourselves and to contribute to society with all of our God-given talent.   In the end we are all people, and should be treated as fairly as anyone else.  Now if you are lazy, complacent, or just have the “why try, because nothing ever goes my way” attitude, then I have no time for you.

With daily struggles and challenges, come disappointment, failure and depression.  These are apart of life.  Show me a “successful person” and I will all but guarantee that there were many struggles and failures along the way.  No I’m not trying to be a cheerleader and say ” don’t worry, you’ll get em next time”.  No, rather I’m saying as soon as you stop trying, you stop living.  This world is difficult, I am reminded of that every day.  Nobody wakes up every morning with big smile on their face 365 days a year.  If there are some folks like that, they should probably be locked up.

I firmly believe that this life is a test.  A test of character, kindness, resiliency, and just being a pleasant person to be around.  If you make a lot of money, you should do many charitable works to help the less fortunate.  If you have a special talent, you should share them with the world.  If your cat can play the piano then you should show it on Facebook or YouTube!!  Because, life is to be savored and enjoyed.  In the end our physical selves all end up the same way.  The last I read there is only one person who defeated father time.

I often say to engage with people.  Say hi, be the annoying person on a plane who wants to talk while you just want sleep, I’m kidding, don’t be that person.  I’m just saying be apart of this world just not on it.  You may be amazed by the stories you hear or by the people you meet.

Enjoy what’s left of this weekend.  Live the week ahead, and as always God bless.



2 thoughts on “Constant challenges and disappointment

  1. Love your humor, Matt! God Bless you and May you continue to find ways of coping through the OT. Good job on the diet, by the way. I tried the keto diet for one week. Lost one pound.,ugh. Now I am trying weight watchers! Did you drink the keto drinks while on this diet? I really didn’t notice a difference. Take care!❤️

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