First off I would like to wish every Dad a Happy Father’s day!!  I know how special and important my father has been in my life.  I wouldn’t be half the man who I am today without him.

I have often said that I rarely pray for myself when it comes to my disease.  That is absolutely still true, but I do pray for three things to strive to achieve every day: patience, peace, and humility.

The patience part is two-fold.  One, patience with OT that is chronically always with me, and secondly, patience with my wife, children and everyone that I come in contact with.  I know how I feel and think, but no one else really does in my immediate circle.  Patience.

Peace is exactly what you would think it would be, peace in my heart, in mind and in my soul, so I am able to survive and thrive everyday.  Peace.

Then comes humility.  I have said countless times that I want to be the voice for people with Orthostatic Tremor.  It would be a great honor for me to achieve this.  It some respects​ this has happened to a small degree.  I have a fairly successful blog and made countless new relationships with people from all around the world.  So I pray for humility, that if the good Lord chooses me to be that voice, that I never take it for granted.  Now, believe me, I have no desire to become famous, but to be the voice for something this important requires a bit of confidence and maybe a bit of arrogance.  Humility, remember why I started this.  Humility.

That ties into part two of the title, humor.  Just recently an extremely close member of my family has been hospitalized going on 10 days with a very serious, potentially dangerous condition. It will be a long, but I believe a successful recovery.  It harkens me back to the days 11 plus years ago, when I lost my sister to cancer.  Right up to the very end, when it got extremely bad, she had the greatest sarcastic humor of anyone​ I’ve ever been around, even myself.  A lot of people can be put off by this type of humor, but I absolutely love it.  If you can’t make or have fun with the people closest to you, not to the point of humiliation, then you will never make it through the hard times in life.

There will always be hard times in life, whether you have an illness or not.  But if you can find humor in everyday life and even make a point seeking it out, your attitude and outlook will be so much better.  Life is so much easier with a light and humourous attitude.  Believe you me, I really go out my way to find humor or make fun of something or someone.  Not in a mean and condescending way, but just to find the joy and beauty in life.  Go out and live and laugh and enjoy the gifts you have received, even if you don’t know it.

Thank you for reading.  Please share with everyone you know and as always God bless!!



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