If you turn on the TV, open a newspaper, turn on your laptop or smart phone, you’re bound to see all the negativity that the media, “fake” or not tries to shove down our throats.  Oh don’t get me wrong, every once in a while you get a feel good story about someone defying the odds and beating a terminal illness, or more likely a dog saving a deer from drowning.  Every day the same cycle, this side blasting that side and vice versa.  I for one am totally done with all of it.  These so-called elite 1 percenters that run everything need a dose of reality and morality.

I for one don’t care about Trump and the Russians.  I don’t care about this person or that person rigging an election that was 8 months ago.  I do care about people who have jobs, to do their jobs, whether they are the President of the United States or a person making minimum wage at Walmart.  I for one have been searching for a new job for months since my former employer terminated me because I was scared and devastated about a life long debilitating disease.  I’m not supposed to say that I’m sure.  Always finding a way to use my voice against me.

Let me tell you what I know is right with world.  I am certain that we live in an amazing time, with limitless possibilities.  This blog alone is read by hundreds of people all around the world.  I am so touched and moved by the support and encouragement that I receive on a regular basis.

People in general are good and nice and sincere.  Most just want to do what they have to do to support themselves or their families.  Why cant the elite who have the power to help everyone do that not just talk and debate over issues, but actually solve problems.  Our best and brightest, sure thing.  Same thing in big corporations, local government, and everything else where there is money involved.  Oh if I ever knew then what I now know, what changes I would make.  I’m not supposed to write this blog any more because maybe I just phrase something the wrong way or people take blurbs of it out of context.

I am an advocate for Orthostatic Tremor!!  I was put in this situation to rock the boat and gain awareness for a terrible disease that some wonderful people have the misfortune of having.  This is not for me, this is for all of us!  More money, more research and more people to give a damn about people in need.  We have a story to tell, and I will do my best to make sure it gets told.

Thank you for reading.  PLEASE share this, and as always God Bless!!



6 thoughts on “What is wrong and what is right in this world.

  1. Matt,
    Thank you for this message. I understand what you’re saying. People disappoint me all the time. RA is invisible but VERY painful and most people just don’t get it. If I can help you in any way just ask. Love you.

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  2. Please don’t stop posting. Your messages need to be made public. Not just for you but for a whole lot of people who need a voice. Stay strong, miss you, you and your family are always on my mind.


  3. I enjoy reading your blogs. I still pray for you and your family. And for all those affected by this disease. Never stop being the voice for OT. Keep the faith and May God Bless! ❤️


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