Not every post has to be paragraphs long, with tremendous insight.  I’m trying to help the Orthostatic Tremor community, with the help of God, by reaching one person at a time.  One conversation, one email, one text, one blog at a time.  You never know what can happen by opening yourself up, to let others in.

One thought, one heart, one smile, one kindness, and a lot faith….you never know.

God bless!!




6 thoughts on “You never know

  1. I pray for you daily Matt. You are an inspiration to me. Your faith and strength amaze me. God will do great works through you. God bless you. Love you.
    Debi Kaylor.

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  2. You are an inspiration to the whole community. We are so pleased you joined our Group &
    Contributing so much for our OT. Keep up the good work & hope you find some help from all of our family. Best wishes to you & your family,
    Ann Dodd.x


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