If you have played or are a fan of baseball, you know what the words opening day mean to you.  The butterflies in your stomach, the expectations.  In Pittsburgh aside from the previous 3 seasons, you knew you were going to be disappointed.

As I travelled to Omaha, I will admit I felt like a rookie in a veteran clubhouse.  To my pleasant surprise, that feeling dissipated almost immediately.  Never have I met a group of wonderful and welcoming individuals.  So eager to share their stories, but also kind enough to listen to mine.  Our group may vary in age in upwards of 40 years, but in this previous evening and today’s interactions, it’s clear to me that I have a new family.

I start my testing tomorrow with 3 or 4 different exams, so I will definitely have much more to speak.  I am just so grateful that I have found a whole community to welcome me as an equal and ask me as many questions as I have asked them.  Thank you to all whom have supported me and have allowed me this priceless experience.

More to come tomorrow.  I wish you all the best and as always God bless!



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