There are over 7.6 billion people on this planet.  Can you even wrap your head around that?  Can you imagine the thoughts, feelings, pain, suffering, joy and elation that each of these individuals go through on any given day?  Whether they are 1 or 100, healthy or terminally ill, poor or obscenely rich, it’s hard to imagine.  It’s hard not to feel insignificant when you think of life that way.

But, that’s not what your’s or my life is remotely about.  You may have a large extended family and friends, or just a few people who you are very close to.  That is your world, that is my world.  It’s hard not to get depressed or discouraged when illness, death, betrayal, or the mundane routine of everyday life occur.  People, myself take way to much for granted every day.  Horrible and amazing things happen everyday and the world just keeps spinning.  Take a minute and think of all the things that have happened in your life the past 12 months.  Pretty daunting isn’t it?

It seems like people in general only think about these kinds of things around this time of year.  We think about all the things we are going to change next year in our lives.  The more time we are going spend with family.  The more generous we are going to be with our time and money.  The wrongs we will try to right.  Is it all talk aimed at trying make ourselves feel better about what we did or didn’t achieve?  Is it just part of that same everyday, or in this case every year occurrences of our life?

As a person with a chronic illness, this kind of thinking can really drag you down.  You start to think that none of the 7.6 billion in the world give a damn about you or anybody else for that matter.  Most days I consider myself lucky that my illness is not immediately life altering or threatening, but I admit to having very selfish days in which I want to cry out, “what about me?  Doesn’t anyone care about my daily struggles?”.  It’s enough to make you go mad in the head and forget about perspective in life.  No, those 7.6 billion people could care less about you or I.  But, if your lucky enough to have one person or a whole network of people in your corner, that’s all you need.  “Life sucks, then you die.”  No, life is and always will be what you make of it.  I hope you and I choose not blame others or God for our lot in life, but remember those few people who love, care and need you.

Thank you for reading and sharing.  May God bless you and keep you.



2 thoughts on “Here today, gone tomorrow

  1. I think about you quite often my friend. I wonder how you feel physically, mentally and spirituality. The last few months have me realize how much GOD has blessed me. I hope you and your family have a Blessed and Merry Christmas.
    Love, Debi Kaylor


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