Faith is a huge concept that I won’t nearly be able to cover in a blog post.  There are so many concepts that people can relate to the word faith.

First of all, there is faith in God.  Now not being an expert, but a believer in Jesus Christ a my savior, I have faith in God.  If you are Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Agnostic, or so-called Atheist, you have faith in what you believe.  It is my burden to explain to you why Jesus Christ is Lord and God, but that’s not what this blog is about.  Faith in a higher power or not.

Second, when it comes to OT, I and many have faith that doctors and researchers will eventually find a causation and cure or something that makes it more bearable.  That is why I am trying to raise money for them to do their work.  Right now I’m attempting to do this with a GoFundMe campaign at: gofundme.com/research-for-orthostatic-tremor.  I have faith that people other the generous ones that already have, will donate $10,20,50,100 or more to help. Faith in mankind.

Lastly, I have faith that this my calling in life.  No not be an advocate for Orthostatic Tremor, but to help people in any way I can.  I believe that’s why a became a Pharmacist and why I will have a new chapter in my life.  Am I scared?  Do I worry about support for my family mentally and financially?  Do I worry about my body holding up and my mind staying as strong as it is?  Hell yes.   But, I have faith that things will work out, because I have a great family, tremendous friends, and an obnoxious desire to win at everything!!  You may not see it outwardly, but trust me it’s there.

Faith.  A five letter word with tremendous power and strength.  I have faith in many things, how bout you?

Thank you for reading, commenting and of course SHARING this message.  As always God Bless!!




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