There are a lot of road signs in the US that warn drivers about potential hazards they may encounter when weather conditions change.  Another popular one other than slippery when wet this time of year is, bridge freezes before road.

As winter finally showed up this week, I was thinking a lot about that “slippery when wet sign”.  I don’t think I really thought about it much until the last few weeks, but my anxiety level increases when it rains extremely hard or when it snows.  The part that I didn’t realize until recently was that it had nothing to do about driving.  It was getting in or out of a vehicle and walking to or from place to place.

A few days ago, I was driving to physical therapy early in the morning and the weather was horrendous.  The roads were covered with snow, my 4 wheel drive did a small fish tail a few times.  Some of the other drivers looked like they had never seen snow on the road before, even though in Western Pennsylvania we only have two seasons, rain or snow. But through all of that I wasn’t nervous at all until I had to get out of that vehicle, and walk into therapy.

In all my life I can never remember a time when I was so afraid that I may slip and fall.  I had a below average therapy day, and rough day with my anxiety and tremor the rest of the day, because of that fear of a slip and fall possibility.  Now, I really didn’t have much trouble throughout the day, but that fear was always in the back of my head.

You see, the biggest issue that comes along with the symptoms of OT is the fear of falling.  In truth, I have never gotten nervous to the point of butterflies in my stomach about getting in or out of a car, and walking across a parking lot until that day.

I can only imagine and sympathize with my brothers and sisters whom are far more advanced in their symptoms, that have this feeling all the time rain or shine.  Fear is a powerful force, and I never realized it to that extent with my disease state until that day.

I hope you all have a fantastic and safe weekend.  Keep on reading, sharing and commenting on these posts. Thank you and as always God Bless!!



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