I just wanted to let folks know who follow me that I am alive. Doing the best I can.  The people who I count on the most have let me down.  But I’m down, but not thus far. I’m no longer on Facebook, so if you wish to share with others, you may.

Best regards and as always, God bless.



6 thoughts on “I’m broken but not beat down…. hopefully.

  1. Thank you for letting us know Matt. Many of your OT friends have been very worried about you. Hang in there….. life can terrible at times. You will come through this, but please allow your friends to give you support. Much love. Joy Campbell. Xx


  2. Matt, I’m a lousy friend. I am so wrapped up in my life and family that I’ve overlooked you. For that I am sorry.
    Please let me know if you guys need anything. (Just not today…I have the croupy cough flu!😷😷😷)


  3. Matt,
    I am so sorry you’re going through this very difficult time! Like Joy said, your OT friends are very worried about you and we hope you will soon find your way back to the group..and especially happier times. Sunshine follows darkness. Hang in there!


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