So you’re down.  You just received a diagnosis for a disease that won’t kill you, but one that will never go away. Or after 2 years, 10 years, or 20 years, you wake up and reality hits you in the face.  For a viable reason or no reason at all. You and you alone will have this “slowly” progressive disease until you meet you maker. Doctor’s don’t know what causes it, the current treatment can be ineffective or worse than the disease, and it’s rarity makes hope for research slim to none.  What do you do?

I’ll tell you what I did.  The first 6 months I fell into a depression. My company fired me, I gained 30 pounds, I became a recluse to my family and everything else I cared about.  I thought all was lost.  Then I found Jesus, or better yet Jesus found me.  I found the strength to improve my health, my mind and my family to a good extent.  I started writing this blog.  People seem to like it, and responded in kind.  A lot of positive things happened.  I met great people, OT patients, PT trainers, therapists, just to name a few.  My family life never did improve the way I would have liked.  This is most probably due to the fact that, it wasn’t solid in the first place. I’ve been told that this was or is mainly my fault.  Of course it takes two to tango, or in my case eight.

So, where are we now 2 years later.  Almost back at the beginning.  My weight is up again. My self-esteem is at an all-time low.  I stopped writing for a while.  Lastly my family is falling apart.  So, now what?

I started writing again.  This helps.  I’ve made a conscious effort to get back into shape.  My family, a work in progress.

Nobody’s journey is the same.  What works or doesn’t work for me, may not work for you. The one thing that has worked, is that I have given my life over to Jesus Christ with the hope that I can gain strength from within.

The point.  Everybody’s path is different and unique.  The only thing that I guarantee is that you will have ups and downs.  What you do with either is up to you.  I pray that we all find our path.

Thank you, and as always God bless!




4 thoughts on “Trying to fight back

  1. I love your writings. You give me strength. Family is sometimes very hard to understand. The ones you think will understand and help don’t and the ones you think don’t know you exist step forward. I hope your family life improves. I will pray for you. Jesus is a constant companion to me too. If I can help you let me know. Love Debi.

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