Hello all,

This will be short entry. I have to prepare for the New Year. Why do people always wait until New Year’s day to make resolutions to change? What’s wrong with a middle of the week resolution, say a Thursday in August? Not my point of this at all.

An update on my health. I still have OT!! I’m guessing you knew that. 1. Tremors, depends on the day. Worse, better, same? Yes. 2. Balance is becoming a bigger issue. I have more trouble running into things, such as; coffee tables, desks, door jams. Noticable difference in balance. 3. Fatigue, again depends on the day. I’m back to working out, many factors. I am stronger, no doubt, a big plus. 4. Ataxia (Clumbsiness) goes along with balance. A little worse. I knock my water over once, twice a week on average. Drop everything. 5. This one is for my former employer, who reads my blog to use against me in ADA suit. My Cognitive Function is great. 6. Meds have changed a bit, but nothing remarkable. In short, life has moved along in some crazy ways.

I will be writing more often, unless I am inspired with a big topic that needs time to ferment. I’m going to include more personal things. Day to day ups and downs. Work, family, spiritual, life issues. It is the name of the blog afterall. I’m going to restart my daily (personal) journal. Ideas may flow through. I encourage feedback, questions, challenges. I’m even open to being a guinea pig for ideas. I want this blog to help you as much as I need it to help me. I’m very excited, itching to get rolling.

Thank you for reading. Please share on different forums. Even if I’m lunatic, it will bring more exposure to OT. As always, God bless!!



10 thoughts on “Starting over….again

  1. Hi I am new to Face Book OT. More connected on the OT American site. I am Canadian/ British and am certainly going through your highs and lows but without the Jesus Christ piece. I wonder does the external connection make it easier. Will check in on your blogs. Fatigue, lethargy and apathy are constantly biting at my heels, feel like an engine running out of fuel but it has to be covered up! Take care. Helen.

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    1. Great question. Go back and read previous blogs and you have just given me a fantastic topic for my next blog. I have written about faith in prior blogs. This will give me a chance to look back and see if I have grown in my journey. Thank you Helen!!


    2. I appreciate the comments. My faith is mine, I would never push onto others. Community is important in every disease state or normal everyday people. Sorry I didn’t reply back sooner. My best,, Matt.


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