So this has been a difficult week for the family. For the second time in 5 months we have tested positive with symptoms. Both I can link back to the kids in school. Luckily we were all able to quarantine and not spread the virus any further. We all had or have the typical symptoms, but I noticed that I had very different experience.

On the days my symptoms were more extreme, my OT symptoms were ridiculous. The tremors were ten fold, my balance was literally not there, and I had incredible leg pains. I know that I said had, because the Delta variant was so much worse, but the Omicron is not much better.

Now, I think mentally this affected me more, because I typically am not one to contract viruses or bacterial infections. I can’t remember the last time I had a cold or the flu. With round one I had all the physical issues with the virus and OT. The thing I remember the most is that I was scared! Afraid to wake up in the morning, when I could sleep. Afraid to get out of bed. Afraid to get out of a chair, walk down the hall, take a shower, etc. Straight up fear. I was afraid in my own home more than I ever was in the outside world.

All this subsided after I recovered from Covid, but I started to wonder if it was my symptoms that caused the side effects of OT to get that much more worse. Or, was my fear the cause of the exacerbated OT symptoms. Probably both. I’ve read a few studies that want to claim the causality of OT is just that, the fear of falling. While I don’t believe that at all, I most certainly believe that anxiety and to a certain point fear are a side effects of OT. It is my belief that this a good part of the reason that OT doesn’t get the research dollars that it should. Practitioners or researchers want to lump it into the mental health pool, which is an ocean.

That is why we can’t stay quiet, we must speak to anyone who will listen until they get tired of hearing us and do something to help. If we don’t, who will?

Thank you for reading,



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