Hello everyone,

Once again spring is dawning in my neck of the woods, save the 5 inches of snow yesterday. Winter’s last grasp. It reminds me of how we with OT, or at least me try to move forward this time of the year. But just like Winter tries to hold on, I believe our past does the same. I often reflect on the past to allow myself to move forward. The old saying “two steps forward, and one back”, I think that’s how it goes, definitely applies to me.

Certainly in life, but absolutely with my OT. Less activity in the Winter months sets back the progress or maintenance of my health. Exercise level decreases, depression symptoms increase and overall well-being in affected.

But then the hope of Spring reveals itself!! New beginnings, better habits, dedication to physical and mental health. I can’t stress enough how I believe that physical and mental health can have a profound determination of the progression of OT. Moving, walking, core strength training provide huge benefits, not to the normal symptoms of OT, but to how I am able to sustain activity with those symptoms. Once we stop moving, we struggle even more.

Don’t forget your mental health. I believe it is equally or for some of us more important than the physical. Mind over matter, absolutely! Taking care of my mental health is something I try to make a top priority. I am no good to myself or anyone else for that matter, without my wits about me. So if you don’t see anyone professionally, make sure are talking to friends and family. It is so important.

So, take stock of your physical health, and your medications. Are they helping or do you need to talk to your doctor? Spend some time in purposeful thought or meditation. Does your mind need help, if so talk to someone. But don’t forget the past few months. Sneak a peak at things you could have done better or life changing events that may have happened. The past may just give that push to Spring forward.

Thank you,



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